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The Brave Girl Bhoomi Achotani

The Brave Girl
Imagine. Create. Share.
Since 2008, the Kids4Kids My Story Creation annual story writing and illustration competition has provided primary students across Hong Kong with a creative platform that enables the budding writers and artists to imagine, create and share their stories.
This story was written and illustrated by kid(s) who participated in the Kids4Kids annual 'My Story Creation competition'. We hope to celebrate all the kids who used their creativity and imagination to create a story by giving them an opportunity to custom print their story, and be able to share and inspire other kids to create their own story.
Proceeds from the sale of this custom print story will help fund the Literacy Development Programmes at Kids4Kids to provide creative learning opportunities to low resourced communities in Hong Kong. By buying a Kids4Kids custom print story, you are not only applauding the future artists & authors of Hong Kong but you are also making a difference in a child’s life!

It was a sunny afternoon when Ally Miller and her dad was driving Ally to the Library. As they drove, Ally started feeling hungry, so they stopped at a nearby cafe. The cafe was crowded. “Please let me know what you would like to order”? said a waiter, who was a little boy. He handed over the menu and left.

Ally found many children working around the cafe. After a while, a young girl walked up to them. “Are you ready to order?” she asked. Ally placed her order “A sandwich, please”
The young girl made some notes in her notebook and rushed inside the kitchen.

While Ally was waiting for her sandwich, she went to wash her han ds. When she walked up to the sink, and saw a child cleaning it. “Can I use the sink?” Ally asked. He nodded.

“What's your name?” She asked him. “Charles” he answered. “Where do you study?” she asked. Charles was puzzled “I don't go to school, I don't study”. “Why?” Ally asked. “My master doesn't want me to waste time, he wants me to work” He replied. Ally was shocked “Master? Where're your parents?”. Charles was about to cry “I don't know” he said and got back to cleaning the sink.

Ally had read about ‘Child Trafficking', which meant bad guys stole children from their parents who weren't able to trace them back again. These children were sold to business places like restaurants to work. Ally knew this was bad, so secretly called the cops to inform them about this crime.

Ally then returned back to her table. “Are you ready to go?” her dad asked. Ally didn't know how to stay-back longer in the cafe, as she was almost about to finish her sandwich. “Not yet, I want ice cream” she answered. “ICE CREAM, PLEASE” He shouted towards Charles. Ally knew her dad was running out of patience, so she closed her eyes and hoped the cops would arrive soon.

God is great, as Ally opened her eyes, she saw the cops rushing into the Cafe and arresting the Cafe owners. The Police Chief walked upto Ally. “Are you Ally?” he asked. Ally nodded while her Dad was confused.

The Chief explained to Ally's dad about her brave act of informing them about child trafficking happening in this Cafe. Ally saw Charles and the other children workers in tears coming to thank her. Ally hoped that all these children would finally go to school. Her dad smiled. “I'm proud of you, Ally!” He said “You have saved many children today!”

A few days later, Ally had been a role model to many children. She had headlines of her receiving the “Bravery Award” in the front page of many newspapers. Ally was proud of herself.

Written & illustrated by 文•圖

Bhoomi Achotani