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Don't Eat Spicy Junk Food Anymore Suk Ling Suki Tsang,Wai Kiu So

Don't Eat Spicy Junk Food Anymore
Imagine. Create. Share.
Since 2008, the Kids4Kids My Story Creation annual story writing and illustration competition has provided primary students across Hong Kong with a creative platform that enables the budding writers and artists to imagine, create and share their stories.
This story was written and illustrated by kid(s) who participated in the Kids4Kids annual 'My Story Creation competition'. We hope to celebrate all the kids who used their creativity and imagination to create a story by giving them an opportunity to custom print their story, and be able to share and inspire other kids to create their own story.
Proceeds from the sale of this custom print story will help fund the Literacy Development Programmes at Kids4Kids to provide creative learning opportunities to low resourced communities in Hong Kong. By buying a Kids4Kids custom print story, you are not only applauding the future artists & authors of Hong Kong but you are also making a difference in a child’s life!

One day, Inez and Elva went to school. At recess, Elva asked Inez, ‘Do you want to try this? That's very yummy!' Inez answered, ‘Sure! I want to try!'

After Inez tried the spicy junk food, she thought it was very yummy! Then Inez ate the spicy junk food every time. Inez ate the spicy junk food when she was doing the homework, playing the computer games and studying .

At dinner time, she shouted, 'No! I don't want to eat vegetable and fish. I just want to eat spicy junk food because it is yummier than vegetable and fish!'

When Inez was sleeping, she also wanted to eat spicy junk food, so she took out a package of spicy junk food and ate, but she did not want to let her mum know!

Suddenly, Inez felt very uncomfortable. She got a stomachache. Then she shouted, 'Help, help, help!!! I feel very uncomfortable. I cannot sleep!!!'

After that, Inez's mom called 999 and waited for the ambulanceman.

Inez arrived at the hospital. The doctor said Inez got sick because she ate too many junk food!!! The doctor told Inez that she need to have a good eating habit.

Inez promised that she will not eat spicy junk food anymore!

Inez's new year resolution: Get a good eating habit!

Written by 文

Suk Ling Suki Tsang

illustrated by 圖

Wai Kiu So