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Carrot Escapes Home On Ching Anya Poon,Chun Hei Harris Ip,Man Yan Enya Cheung,Lok Yan Cheung

Carrot Escapes Home
Imagine. Create. Share.
Since 2008, the Kids4Kids My Story Creation annual story writing and illustration competition has provided primary students across Hong Kong with a creative platform that enables the budding writers and artists to imagine, create and share their stories.
This story was written and illustrated by kid(s) who participated in the Kids4Kids annual 'My Story Creation competition'. We hope to celebrate all the kids who used their creativity and imagination to create a story by giving them an opportunity to custom print their story, and be able to share and inspire other kids to create their own story.
Proceeds from the sale of this custom print story will help fund the Literacy Development Programmes at Kids4Kids to provide creative learning opportunities to low resourced communities in Hong Kong. By buying a Kids4Kids custom print story, you are not only applauding the future artists & authors of Hong Kong but you are also making a difference in a child’s life!

One day, Carrot was on a chopping board about to be chopped. Luckily, the phone rang and the lady walked away to answer the phone. Carrot jumped off the chopping board and ran out of the house. Suddenly a bird flew to the carrot and picked it up.

The bird ate a piece of Carrot and then dropped it to the ground. Carrot fell into the soil. It was scared. “Oh! I hate that bird! How can I get out of this yucky soil?”, Carrot cried.

In the evening, an elephant walked to Carrot and sprayed water on it because it drank too much water. Carrot was unhappy, “Why did you spray water on me? It's so dirty!” Although Carrot felt angry, it felt great because it could finally drink water.

The next day, it rained. Carrot felt comfortable because the rain softened the soil and it was able to get out of it to look for other carrots. It felt very lonely because it does not have other carrot friends.

That afternoon, Carrot felt thirsty and tired so it jumped into a river. There was a crocodile, it was hungry and wanted to eat Carrot. Carrot was scared, “Please don't…….eat me! I'm not yummy….. “The crocodile did not listen and open its jaws. Carrot shouted, “Let me go!!!”

The crocodile and Carrot felt very tired because they were arguing all day. The crocodile suggested, “Hey! Maybe we can be friends and not argue anymore!” Carrot thought that it was a good idea. It wanted to have friends, anyway. So a magical friendship began.

At night, Carrot and the crocodile slept together so that Carrot wouldn't be afraid. Although the crocodile looked fierce and scary, Carrot thought that it was a good friend. They slept all night under the tree. That night, no animals appear to try to eat Carrot. Carrot felt very safe.

The next day, they walked to the river to drink some water and jumped into the water and suddenly, there was a shadow above them. The crocodile shouted, “Who's that?” Then they heard loud noises, “Roar……..roar…..” The other animals around them ran away!

The crocodile looked worried and scared, “Oh no! Carrot, run quickly! Lion is here!” Carrot shouted, “How about you?” It replied, “Don't worry about me!” Lion defeated the crocodile in the river and it went after Carrot. When it was about to eat Carrot, there was a bright light suddenly!

“Alan, we are here to save you!” Carrots came out from a spaceship and fought lion. Two carrots told Alan that they accidentally lost him on Earth and he lost his memory. Alan remembered! “Crocodile, I need to go home now!” Lion lost. Finally, Carrot went home to planet Carrot.

Written & illustrated by 文•圖

Man Yan Enya Cheung

Chun Hei Harris Ip

On Ching Anya Poon

Lok Yan Cheung