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A Crystal Clear Friendship Brianna Tee

A Crystal Clear Friendship
Imagine. Create. Share.
Since 2008, the Kids4Kids My Story Creation annual story writing and illustration competition has provided primary students across Hong Kong with a creative platform that enables the budding writers and artists to imagine, create and share their stories.
This story was written and illustrated by kid(s) who participated in the Kids4Kids annual 'My Story Creation competition'. We hope to celebrate all the kids who used their creativity and imagination to create a story by giving them an opportunity to custom print their story, and be able to share and inspire other kids to create their own story.
Proceeds from the sale of this custom print story will help fund the Literacy Development Programmes at Kids4Kids to provide creative learning opportunities to low resourced communities in Hong Kong. By buying a Kids4Kids custom print story, you are not only applauding the future artists & authors of Hong Kong but you are also making a difference in a child’s life!

Lilly was a wise owl. She was smart, short, fluffy, and had teeny tiny eyes. She lived in Mice Town and loved to read. She lived a sad and lonely life because she had no friends. She read all day because her small eyes made it difficult to hunt for mice.

Although she was kind-hearted, she was teased at school because she had small eyes. It meant that she was a terrible hunter and could not go hunting for mice with her classmates.

One day at school, a new owl showed up in class. Mr. Owen said, “Attention owlettes! We have a new student joining us today. This is Chloe.” Chloe had the largest, most beautiful eyes Lilly had ever seen!

At recess while all the owls were hunting for mice, Lilly sat on a bench reading since she was not very good at hunting. Chloe on the other hand, was soaring through the air and spotted a cluster of mice in the field. She swooped down and caught 10 in a matter of minutes! Everyone was impressed!

Lilly sat in class for the rest of the day and listened to her tiny tummy grumble with hunger. She didn't catch any mice during recess and was starting to feel hungry. Even Chloe could hear the grumbling!

Chloe and the other owls had difficulty concentrating on their reading because of Lilly's tummy grumbles. Chloe was also having trouble because she wasn't a good reader. She sat there fluffing her feathers.

Chloe had an idea! She could share some of her mice with Lilly so that she wouldn't be hungry anymore, and maybe Lilly could help her read in return!

Afterschool, Chloe flew over to Lilly and asked, “Hi, I noticed you might be a tad hungry. Would you like some mice to snack on?” Lilly quickly turned around to see who was talking but she flew into a tree. “Ouch!” Lilly screeched. Lilly was so dizzy and confused and wondered why Chloe would want to do that. What does Chloe want from me, she wondered.

Lilly curiously asked, “Why? What do you want from me?” Chloe responded, “Well, I thought maybe we could help each other. You're good at reading and maybe you can help me and I can give you some mice in return!”

Lilly thought that this was a fair trade because they could both benefit from helping each other. Lilly wouldn't be hungry during class anymore, and Chloe could improve at reading! And, she might even gain a friend in the process!

Lilly excitedly replied, “Ok! You've got a deal!”
For the rest of the day, they spent time reading together and Chloe was feeling more confident about her reading skills. Lilly munched on the mice that Chloe caught and her tummy never felt more happy!

Perched on their oak tree, they smiled at each other and knew that it was the start of a new friendship. Two owls with different skills and strengths, helping each other. All of the sudden, Chloe had a lightbulb moment! “Why don't you consider getting glasses to help you see when you fly and hunt for mice?”
Lilly thought that it was a fantastic idea! And That was the last time she ever flew into a tree for the rest of her life. Hoot!

Written & illustrated by 文•圖

Brianna Tee