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Unicorn-The Time Traveller 何詩瑤

Unicorn-The Time Traveller
Imagine. Create. Share.
Since 2008, the Kids4Kids My Story Creation annual story writing and illustration competition has provided primary students across Hong Kong with a creative platform that enables the budding writers and artists to imagine, create and share their stories. 

This story was written and illustrated by kid(s) who participated in the Kids4Kids annual 'My Story Creation competition'. We hope to celebrate all the kids who used their creativity and imagination to create a story by giving them an opportunity to custom print their story, and be able to share and inspire other kids to create their own story.

Proceeds from the sale of this custom print story will help fund the Literacy Development Programmes at Kids4Kids to provide creative learning opportunities to low resourced communities in Hong Kong. By buying a Kids4Kids custom print story, you are not only applauding the future artists & authors of Hong Kong but you are also making a difference in a child’s life!




Joyce - a little girl with coffee-coloured hair lived in a beautiful town. One sunny morning, when Joyce woke up, she discovered a strange object “floating” outside the window! She was so scared that she got as slowly as a snail, got closer to the window to find out what that strange object was.

When she opened the window, there was a horse with a single horn — that's a UNICORN! Joyce was shocked! She ran away as fast as she could to the cupboard under the stairs. “Knock! Knock!”, just then someone knocked on the door.

Joyce opened the door slowly and found that it was the unicorn who knocked on the door. “Joyce, nice to meet you!” the unicorn said. “How come you know my name?” Joyce was surprised. “I know you because you are a popular singer in the future.”

“Sit on my back and I will bring you to the kingdom of the future!” The unicorn said. “I am Pinky, the time traveller, our king wished to have dinner with you!”

When they arrived, Pinky brought Joyce to her room and dressed her up. Joyce went in front of the mirror and saw a beautiful woman in a lovely, shiny long blue dress. “Who's that?” she screamed. “Don't be frighten. That's you!” Pinky said. “When you went time travel, you will grow up following the time. You became 21 years old now.”

That night, they had a wonderful dinner together with the king. After dinner, Joyce went back to her room. She was so excited that she could not fall asleep all night long.

The next morning, Joyce went out to find Pinky. She looked everywhere but she couldn't find her. At this moment, a young man walking by. He came to Joyce and asked, “Are you Joyce?” “Yes, I am Joyce, but I am from the past,” Joyce answered. “I see, I am Mark, the prince of this kingdom.”

“Do you know where Pinky is? Did she go time travelling?” Joyce thought that the prince would know where Pinky was. “Nope, she always reports to the king only before she leaves”, Mark answered. “But Pinky isn't anywhere. Please help me find her,” Joyce cried.

Then they went to find Pinky together. They went everywhere in the castle to find Pinky. When they went to Mark's room, they found a letter. “Oh! My uncle, Frank, put this letter on my desk, he said Pinky belongs to him now!”

“My uncle is a bad guy. He always wants to own Pinky because she is the most powerful unicorn in the kingdom. He must imprison her in his house! I know he was out for a consultation now, let's go to save Pinky!”

They rushed to Uncle Frank's house. They saw that Pinky was locked in a small cage. “Pinky!” Joyce shouted and ran to the cage. “Don't get close, I know the cage is electrical! It is dangerous!” Mark stopped Joyce. “Let me go to break the power supply first,” Mark said.

Mark found a pair of pliers and tried to destroy the power supply with it. The pliers were sizzling. “Look! It's electrical,” Mark said. He unlocked the cage carefully and saved Pinky.
“I am worried about you!” said Joyce and she ran into Pinky, hugging her tightly.

“Pinky, please bring Joyce back home, I have to find my uncle and punish him,” Mark said.

Pinky brought Joyce home and Joyce became a little girl again. Pinky flew back to the kingdom. Joyce waved goodbye at the window, she thought this is an amusing journey and hope that she might go to the future again!

Written & illustrated by 文•圖

Sze Yiu Kylie Ho