Free Your Imagination and Picture Your Story To Tell A Tale


Before you start planning your story, watch this video of what a few of our My Story Creation judges think makes a good story:
What Makes A Good Story – Judge’s Opinion


It can be exciting and frightening, funny or sad. Explore the images; something may have caught your eye and sparked your imagination. Perhaps even raising some interesting questions in your head? Perhaps it is just one sentence, but as soon as you hear that line in your head, you will get a sense of what your story needs next.
Tip: there is no “correct” or “right” story, only the story you create. This is the magic of stories.
Remember, you are the storyteller and your imagination has the power to bring millions of untold tales to life.
There is no right or wrong and remember, there are no rules.
There are many ways to tell a story.
You can:
1. tell it aloud
2. write it down in pictures or words
3. act it out with a group
Tip: Questions are the key to great storytelling, so if you can’t get your imagination started, and your story gets stuck, try asking questions about what you see around you – why, who, where, when, what if, and how.